Christmas: A Season for peace, love, glorifying God

Olu Joseph 

Christmas is not a season for what you have or what you don’t have, but a season to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and the reason why he was born.

This was the core of a sermon delivered by the Acting state Pastor of Living Faith Church, Gaa Imam, Ilorin, Pastor Babajare Emmanuel which he titled: “The Essence of Christmas.”

Babajare explained that for a long time, people misunderstood the essence of the season and the celebration reiterating that it was for good tiding to all the people and to echo the message of salvation.

The Pastor wondered why a wife will fight her husband because of the man’s inability to provide all she asked for the celebration of Christmas and in some place the children be grudging their parents for not giving them enough to celebrate.

Quoting from his an chore scripture John 14:2, he emphasized that Jesus Christ came to give the world peace therefore anything that has to do with fight, rancor, indebtedness, poverty and all negative vices that add sorry to human life is not of God and cannot be the reason for celebrating Christmas.

The Cleric questioned: “Why must you go a borrowing because you want to celebrate, incurring debt and plunging yourself into poverty that lasts after the celebration is passed by. Is that how to impress God for his goodness and faithfulness in your life or just trying to impress people that all is well?

He emphasized that the plan of God for sending Jesus Christ to man is to create an avenue forthe restoration of divine presence with God and destroy all the works or the devil, a position that was lost when the first man sinned and fell out of Gods glory.

He reiterated the need for worshippers to be happy no matter the situation they find themselves because God is aware of all situations and is above the situation adding that Christmas is not about what you eat, what you wear or your statues but a reminder of the second coming as the son of God, coming to provide permanent solution to every challenge of man.

He further stated that in view of these Christmas is a time to count our blessings, and be surprised  at what the lord has done recalling that some are dead, communities wiped out, but not being a victim call for reason to thank God.

The minister concluded his sermon by urging believers to be prepare for the coming of the Lord, Believe in the revelation of redemption, be more obedient to what the word of God instructs and maintain strong faith in God as capable of providing for all their needs as long as they are subject to his will and accepting him as their lord and savior.

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