Chris Imafidon: Secrets Of Mentoring Geniuses Revealed

The Patriarch of Britain’s brainiest and smartest family, Prof. Chris Imafidon, has revealed his proven methods of turning low performing and average students into geniuses.


Delivering the 33rd Convocation Lecture of the University of Ilorin last Thursday (October 19,2017), entitled “The Genius in You: New Tools, Techniques and Technology for Developing Individual and Institutional Greatness”, Prof. Imafidon, who is the Chairman and Founder of Excellence in Education Programme, University of Oxford, United Kingdom, noted that the first step teachers need to take in order to make geniuses out of their students is to regard the students as their biological offspring. He said that without the right emotional connection, teachers can only churn out average students.

The Unilorin Convocation Lecturer also disclosed that other components of a programme designed to turn students into geniuses include: convincing students that there is nothing they cannot achieve; ensuring that the students are always busy with their academics; and ensuring that sport and music are not extra-curricular but part of the core curriculum.


The Nigerian born scholar attributed the origin of knowledge to God and countered the notion that knowledge is power, saying that “it is the application of knowledge that confers power”.


Prof. Imafidon then called for the review of the tertiary education system in the country, saying that the system produced the oxymoron known as “graduate unemployment”.         He said this should be replaced with talent hunt programmes because, according to him, there are geniuses everywhere who exist as repressed geniuses, suppressed geniuses and expressed geniuses.


While commenting on the state of education in Nigeria, Prof. Imafidon, who is a world-renowned adviser to monarchs, European and USA governments, presidents and corporate leaders, called on the Federal Government to pay serious attention to education in the country.


He observed that if education is properly fixed, other sectors of the society would be automatically fixed given that education is the mother of all sectors.


The Convocation Lecturer also urged the government to give priority attention to education budget over that of defense, saying that “you cannot defend an empty house”.


Prof. Imafidon condemned the ongoing call for restructuring Nigeria, describing it as a trivial and misplacement of priority. According to him, the only antidote to Nigerian problems is for the leaders to restructure their thinking.


The Oxford University Professor lampooned Nigerian leaders who own private jets, saying that it is sheer wickedness and insensitivity to the plight of the people for some state governors, who habitually owe workers’ salaries to fly around in private jets. He noted that the Queen of England and Prime Ministers in advanced countries do not have private jets.


The Convocation Lecturer, who was delivering his first public lecture in Africa announced that he would be taking the best two graduating students and the worst two graduating students along to the United Kingdom just as he invited the troupe that performed Kehinde Olalusi’s play, “Susan Wenger, Adunni Olorisa” to the United Kingdom.

According to him, “The rest of my family that saw the clips of it on Facebook live, Periscope and other social media are jealous of me. They wished they came along. Even the royals wanted to see you. I have been mandated to ask if you will like to come up to Britain to do a repeat. If so, Her Majesty could host you at her weekend residence of Windsor Castle”.




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