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Charity: Antidote to financial crimes and drug abuse


A beautiful nation!  A nation filled with milk and honey

But destroyed by her very own self, through financial crime and drug abuse

Our beautiful motherland robbed of her beautiful sleep, thus she sleeps in snatches

Out of fear because of the reckless abandon of her children who indulge in drug abuse and financial crime, a temporary relief for them from the pain inflicted on them by those they trusted with their collective wills

Our trusted eyes and ears have forgotten the generation coming behind them

Our trusted eyes and ears took our collective wealth of milk and honey for themselves alone saved a larger part of this collective wills in far away country

Leaving the land in want and penury which makes her youth, her tomorrow

To indulge themselves in drug abuse and financial crime

A temporary cure for the present sorrow they want to drive away, but its scars hunts them

Oh! How this breaks mother’s tender heart 

The grieve and pain the land suffers makes her heart bleeds for the future of her children

Thus! our trusted eyes and ears must have a rethink and begin to invest in her future

ONLY Charity! Yes Charity!! is the only medicine that can mend mother’s broken heart,

the damaged heart of her youth, and the land which financial crime has eaten deep into the bone marrow

You! You!! and  You!!! over there!

Come join hands with our beautiful mother and give charity to our able bodied youths

Wasting away on the street with the toxic influence of drugs,

Give them entrepreneurial skills and readily available white collar jobs on merit

So our beautiful mother can sleep with her two eyes closed and enjoy good health

Wake up beautiful mother! it’s a new dawn

let’s dance the victorious dance of a land flowing with milk and honey

The land remains an imperishable particle!  

Composed and compliled by OLORUNDARE CLARA IYANUOLUWA




Our youths are wild and violent under the daily influence of drug abuse and financial crimes

Their hands are soaked in crime under the influence of drugs, yet they feel no remorse

As their heart is hardened under the influence of the drugs they inject daily into their system

The high level of financial crimes amongst our youth is alarming and degrading to our land

Financial crimes and drug abuse has caused great damage to the beautiful land!

Her youths are engrossed in financial crime and drugs which have eaten deep into their bones The beautiful land is being destroyed daily, hourly, minutely and secondly by misuse of drugs

The misuse of drugs and financial crimes make our youth to be vulnerable to immoral acts

The immoral acts damage the spirit, soul and body of her youth and render them useless

The able bodied men and women are rendered useless and helpless under the influence of drugs financial crimes which in disguise do them more harm than good

The land gradually has become chaotic and degrading under the influence of the evil acts

Of drug abuse and financial crime by those who hold the key to the success of her future

Financial crime and drug abuse is a thief of time that erodes the heart of the youth of our land   

The youth keep looking up to their trusted leaders to climb the ladder of success

BUT their hope is dashed because of the flawed greed of their trusted leaders who are not ready To help the younger ones climb the ladder of success

Calamity upon calamity is the order of the day because of the negative effect of drug abuse 

And financial crime indulged in by our teeming youths of the land

We are left swimming in the pool of penury and sorrow

The land grieved because of a failed system that failed her youths

The youth cry their secret tears in the secret place of their heart for the pain suffered

From the damage caused by addiction to drugs and daily involvement in financial crime

Our need calls for a hybrid of habits, proclaims CHARITY!

A little bit of charity here and there like a drop of water makes a mighty ocean

Charity will bring back the ray of hope to our youths who seek greener pasture in foreign land

Someday Charity will be the only song on the lips of all, Because it makes our world go round


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