BREAKING NEWS: Motor Mechanic Narrowly Escapes Death By Whiskers

It was the case of a narrow escape when a Motor Mechanic, Wahab Alabi driving his Taxi cab, from Sango area of Ilorin during the rain was hit by a Toyota Sienna Car registration number EDO 300 LT crushing his taxi cab registration number KWARA 777 KSB splashing the engine and another Motor Cycle.

Alabi said he was driving his taxi with some passengers in it when he noticed a vehicle coming face to face with him, hitting the Motor cycle and next hitting his cab before jumping into the frontage of a house along Muritala Mohammed way, Ilorin

According to an eye witness, the incidence happened around 8.00pm during the rains at Muritala opposite the Cherubim and Seraphim church Movement number 1, just some meters away from the fly over.

An eye witness who saw it happen, Taofeeq said that the Sienna Car was coming with high speed rom the top of the fly Over around Post Office area and lost control crossing lane and facing oncoming traffic. “I suspect that the driver of the Sienna car does not know how to drive at night or his windscreen got blurred because of the rain. He was on a high speed, he skid off his lane from the top of the Bridge, ran into an Okada coming from Maraba and then Smashed the taxi that was next to the Okada man. The Okada rider and his passenger were flung apart while the taxi too was shattered, as you can see the taxi.”

All persons present at the scene to sympathize with the victims blamed over speeding by the Sienna Car driver as the main cause of the fatal multiple accidents, describing it as avoidable.

The eye witness said that injured persons had been taken to Olarewaju Hospital which is the nearest to the environment.

The driver of the Sienna Car was said to have claimed that he was going to the police station so our reporter could not reach him for his comments.

However, another eye witness said that the driver of the Sienna claimed that a vehicle wanted to hit his car that was why he lost control and ran into further trouble.

Men from A division Police station were seen at the scene on the claim that they were called by some good samaritans who reported the incidence.

More details about the development will follow  when new facts emerge about the identity of the Sienna driver and his reasons for driving in that manner.

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