A black Honda Accord car, registration no LAGOS LSD 354 FA has  ran into a ditch along Muritala Mohammed Way, Ilorin near Olufunmilayo Records.

Five persons in the vehicle were badly injurred and three of them taken to an undisclosed hopital by men of the police ‘A’ Division station.


The accident which resulted in the write off of the vehicle happened around 2.25am midnight Monday.

Though there is no word from the occupants of the car, an eye witness account said that the driver was on a reckless speed and sped across Maraba as if a jet. He said “We are traveling to Lagos but was at Maraba Garage resting before we take off, suddenly we saw the vehicle speed off coming from Shop Rite area, Fate and when we heard a loud noise few seconds later, we came after it as we knew something must have happened.”

The vehicle first hit two vehicles parked by the road side before somersaulting and plunging into  a pit in front of a shopping complex.

Immediately the driver of the car succeeded at stepping out, he staggered and sat at a corner in the pool of his blood but while efforts was on going to help other trapped occupants of the car, the young man went away with the injuries sustained.

Another occupants who pretended that she was feeling pains also took a midnight bike and said she need to be at a hospital.

When policemen from A Division police station arrived search into the vehicle exposed that they might be coming from a night party because exotic drinks worth several thousands of naira was found in the car.

This discovery opened further clues that they might be people pursuing some unclean source of income. Though details about the occupants remain sketchy, NEWSBEAM will follow it up and give better details.

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