She is an upcoming star in gospel music. She is a Pastors daughter with lots of grace upon her and she sings freely and warmly inspiring her fans and listeners whenever on stage. She is the leader of her band, UNIQUE GOSPEL VOICES. She was discovered at a Christian function and NEWSBEAM spoke with her as our artist of the week. Meet our promising star, OLUFUNKE ADEOTI, Excerpts:

Can we meet you?

My name is Adeoti Oluwafunke aka Damsel. I am a teacher and music minister.  As a singer, I sing general high life, I go from praise to high life and vise versa. I sing any kind of highlife be it message or praise. Educationally, I started from Olumaawu Nursery /Primary School, Police Road, Ilorin, after that I went to Bishop Smith Memorial College and then to Kwara State College of Education to study Music and Yoruba language. I am planning to do my degree programme when God permits me to do so.

What is the name of your band?

Unique Gospel Voices International, we are ten in the group.

How do you cope with maintaining the band members or are they not on full time with you?

God linked all of us together, we are not on salary but we take performance allowance. Whatever we get from ministrations we share among ourselves. For now, our work is mainly as volunteers in the vineyard of God. My Drummer, Adeoti Oluwagbemiga is a Gangan, talking drum expert, he also doubles as my manager. Adeoti Iyanuoluwa plays drum set for me. Olamide Afolayan is my first backup, she is a cousin who believes in what I do and she is very supportive, she knows about the vision, we work together, after her, I came in contact with Temitope Olowookere Bolatito Akingbade, Bolarina Abimbola, Opaleye Deborah and Itunu Oluwasegun. I also have one very little boy, Adeoye Olatayo who plays kord for me. God brought us all together and we are serving his purpose. God willing, we shall grow together and make exploits I Jesus name. Some of them are schooling, some are doing business.

How did you become a music minister?

I came into Gospel Music since the past Fifteen years ago, it has been part of me, I put it into practice and through the help of my church, Christ Apostolic Church, CAC, CITDEL of Solution. I am the praise leader as a member of the church choir

Who is your mentor, when it comes to singing as a gospel musician?

My mentor and role model is Evangelist Dr. Olubukola Akinade aka Senwele Jesu. Anytime I watch or listen to her music, I receive messages from them. Talking of her performance on stage, I love it too. Even if I am going on the road and I just hear her voice, I fall in love with her and ever since I came in contact with her music style, I don’t know of any other one that inspires me like her. Another issue is that I was directed to choose her as my mentor because she is spirit filled, filled with the spirit of God.

How did you mean directed to her by God?

The Spirit of God inside of me led me to her as my mentor, as you know like beget like, her spirit works with mine so I think I am toeing her line of anointing. She is like a forerunner to me.

You hear of other top Gospel Musicians, what do you see about them?

Well, we all live by grace. No man can judge anybody, they are called and their business is with their maker. Many people say lot of ugly things criticizing these top people but what I realize is that human beings always want to bring down stars and they are made by God, no man can quench stars with water. What I will just say is that those top gospel musicians should just face God and ignore what men say. Human beings will always prove to be up to something but his grace will be sufficient for us all.

Are there other Gospel Musician with whom you collaborate in your music?

Yes, I do with Olorunfemi Olawunmi, WUMEX, KC Music, Dele Gold, Evangelist Mayowa aka Ileri mi, Funmi Praise, Bose Akinwande and several of them. They all sing very good music and I appreciate them.

Have you ever done a collaborative Album with any of them?

No, but I don’t mind if God allows it to happen.

How many Albums had you released into the market on your own?

I have released three, one video and two audios.

Are you a member of GOMAN?

Yes, I am by God’s grace. GOMAN is a body or association of Gospel musician. Gospel musician are singers who received call to sing gospel music. So, we reach out to the people through our songs. When pastors talk, we sing, all we do is use music to convey the gospel to the people. When I say Gospel, I mean the good news about the purpose of the birth, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for mankind.

You just mentioned the word call now, what is a call?

Every human, or let me say children of God are born with one talent or the other. As we grow up, God inspires us to know that this talent is put in us for the purpose of propagating his work. When you become convinced that you are to do Gods work weather as a gospel singer or as a pastor or Evangelist, you have received a call. It is not a secular work for which you get paid by salary from man, God is the employer, who takes care of the welfare of the called. From the start, I sing in my church, since the past fifteen years, I have been singing as a choir member, but just three years ago, I received the call to dedicate myself for Gods work as a gospel musician. When I received the call, I launched my first video album on 9th November, 2014, so it is a call.

What inspires you to sing?

First and foremost, God. God inspires me his word inspires me. After that when I listen to instruments, I fall into inspiration to sing but most paramount, God is the lifter of my head. With or without instruments, I can sing. I can sing anywhere any time. I also love the keyboard, when I hear it being played, I want to sing. I play Keyboard a bit, I play Guitar a bit, I beat drum set a bit but I play viola very well.

Are you married?

As of now, I am single

Will you still be singing when you get married?

By God’s grace, it is my call, I will never leave it for any reason. Whoever I will get married to will also accept Gods work with me.

What should your fans be expecting net from you?

By God’s grace, next year, they should expect the video of Momore re or Everlasting Praise with an audio. Also we use to have a concert every 11th December, this year’s own is on the way. My church plays a very supportive role in that aspect, its usually a very powerful programme every year.

What has been your challenges since you started singing?

It has not been easy but God has been using my Pastor, who happens to be my biological father and my mother, Pastor and Mrs Duro Adeoti. My parents and those whom he sent to me, so my mission has continuously been a huge success. They assist in cash and in kind. When God calls you, he makes the work very easy, not as if there are no challenges but he always sees me through.

Any regret being in gospel music so far?

Never, he called me, no room for regrets.

Any advice for upcoming artistes like you out there?

My advise to upcoming artistes like myself is that we should allow God be our beginning and end. We should put God into all we do. Since it is God that called us, we need not run after vanity, God will be sufficient for us. God should be our Motto.

Who are your childhood friends?

Taye and Kehinde Olagunju, Omotosho Damilola and many of them, I am a friendly person, I mix freely with like minds.

How was it growing up?

Haa, it’s not easy, especially being the only female child, among three boys. It has been the support of my parent because growing up among boys is not a joke.

And as a Pastors Daughter?

Ha, that is where the challenges are. There are things you wish to do but consideration for the image and reputation of the parents will just hold you back. As an only daughter, I never wanted to be a source of sorrow to them and God has so far helped me. It is never easy being a Pastors daughter. Even when people out there do somethings to you, in safeguarding your parents integrity, you must just overlook it because people will forget that you are a personality of your own, they will say ‘and she is a Pastors daughter, see what she is doing.’ It is full of challenges.

Looking back on life, what is your happiest moment?

That is the day I gave my life to Jesus Christ as Saviour. Being a Pastors daughter does not make one automatically born again, it is a personal decision. No one can take it for me, no father can take for his children.

And the saddest day of your life?

Well, no one can say he or she doesn’t have a dark moment in life. I am human.  The day I lost my father’s elder brother was a dark moment in my life, I was so sad, I never thought I could overcome it. No one expected it. If we had expected it, we could have prepared our minds but it came suddenly. However, but by grace, here I am today, God has made it past like a nightmare.

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