The Minority Leader of Ekiti State House of Assembly, Hon. Gboyega Aribisogan, has warned that the alleged plot to attack the Senate Deputy Minority Whip, Senator Biodun Olujimi could consume the government of Governor Ayo Fayose.

Aribisogan maintained that despite the denial to the contrary by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) legislators the Assembly, Olujimi enjoys the support of two third of members.

He, however, dissociated himself and his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), from an alleged plot to attack Olujimi over her refusal to drop her 2018 governorship ambition.

Aribisogan, who defected from PDP to APC on June 27, revealed that the Senator saved the Assembly members from “financial embarassment” in the past and does not deserve the “bashing of the House.”

In an open letter addressed to the Speaker, Hon. Kola Oluwawole, a copy of which was made available to The Nation on Wednesday, Aribisogan said “he would not be part of those who will attack Olujimi to satisfy Governor Ayo Fayose and his retinue of serial betrayers.”

The APC legislator warned the Speaker no to allow the Assembly to be turned “an extension of Fayose’s office” noting that Nigerians arebwatching alleged violation of rules and trampling of the Constitution “in a bid to satisfy a demagogue who is at is wits end.”

He said the latest attempt to suspend some members because of their relationship with Olujimi “is an open sore which has further exposed the House members as political clowns who can always be tossed around by Fayose.”

The lawmaker representing Ikole Constituency 1 said he was deeply touched and worried about the type of legacy that the Fifth Assembly would bequeath to posterity with what he called ‘the latest show of shame.”

Aribisogan said: “I thought you will be honest to tell the world, the role Senator Olujimi as an agent of peace and support, had played in stabilising the House in the past. I know you cannot forget in a hurry the contributions of Mrs. Olujimi to the emergence of Fayose as
Governor in 2014.

“If those of you are now being asked to attack her have forgotten, let me remind you that Mrs. Olujimi had always been helping you financially each time your paymaster was not there for us.

“No member, I repeat, none out of the 26 members can deny Senator Olujimi’s financial support. She remains a pillar of suppot for the Assembly. Let Fayose and the chief haters of Olujimi know this: a fight with Olujimi is a fight with more than two third of us.

“I remember vividly how many times Hon. Wale Ayeni, Hon. Wale Onigiobi, Hon. Dele Fajemilehin, including Hon. Samuel Omotoso called the Senator and demanded for financial assistance while pledging their loyalty to her.

“I knew when Hon. Dayo Akinleye and some of you were praising Senator Olujimi to high heavens whenever you are sharing her largesse. Mr. Speaker, I know you cannot forget her assistance to you recently when you and Majority Leader, Hon. Tunji Akinyele were stranded in Lagos.

“Your paymaster refused to foot the bill because you went for a seminar but Senator Olujimi did by making sure you left Lagos happy.

“Fayose is holding you and the rest to ransom on the excuse that he assisted you to get to where you are. Did he get to where he is by his own singular effort?

“Loyalty is not when you join the multitude to do evil; loyalty is not when you destroy others to satisfy a master. Loyalty is about being honest and truthful.

“Senator Biodun Olujimi has not done anything wrong and she does not deserve the bashing of the House. On my own honour, I cannot be part of those who will attack her just to satisfy Governor Fayose and his retinue of serial betrayers.”

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