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Attack On Our Church Mischievous, Unwarranted – Rev Alabi

He has been pasturing for over thirty years. He is currently the General Overseer of Evidence of Christ Church International. He was born in Alla, in Irepodun Local Government Area of Kwara State, Nigeria in 1956, vocationally, he is a Principal Network Security Consultant, He is a certified Novell Network Engineer, a CISCO network administrator, CISCO designs administrator. He is happily married with children. He spoke to our correspondent to clear some controversial issues surrounding his church and the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC.  Meet Rev, Dr. Timothy B. Alabi, Excerpts:

Can we meet you sir?

My name is Dr Timothy Alabi, General Overseer, Evidence of Christ Church International.

How long has the Church been in existence?

Evidence of Christ Church has been in existence since 1979

Is the ministry registered according to the laws of Nigeria?

Yes the ministry is dully registered according the laws of Nigeria and all requirements  provided by federal government of Nigeria

By this registration, do you mean with Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC?

Yes registered with Corporate Affairs Commission CAC

Where is the National or World headquarters of the Church?

The headquarters is presently in ilorin

What precisely is the objective and purpose of the Church?

The objective is to bring up a people that live in accordance to the legal rights set up for Corporate Affairs Commission CAC and to serve the community.

What difference does your Church make from others?

The church believes completely on the teaching of Jesus Christ and the church is against all that Jesus Christ stands against, the church do not believe in forcefully taking money from our members, the church do not believe in violating the law  set up by the government.

I ask this because your church is neither a member of CAN nor in PFN, what are your reasons?

Membership of Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN or the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigerian, PFN is not a requirement for setting up Church in Nigeria and it is not a requirement for entering the kingdom of God or a requirement for salvation.

You said that don’t charge members for money so how is the church funded?

The church is funded only by those who have truly given their life to Jesus Christ and believe all they have belongs to Jesus Christ. The requirements to give is the member must first of all give his or her life to Jesus Christ, truly, then the will to give, willfully follows and will be to the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ.

So what is offering and Tithes to you?

Our definition of tithes and offering is in accordance to what Jesus Christ defined in Luke 14. A true child of God will pay to tithes only when he or she is willing and ready to obey what God said in Luke chapter 14 verse 26 up to 33. Jesus Christ spoke about tithes and offering and that is what we follow. This is the truth of Jesus Christ concerning tithes.

How did you start your church; a call or other reasons?

I did not start a church, I am not the founder. The first general overseer, who started the Church, was Rev Noah Kola Afolayan, from whom I took over after his demise.

 Before you joined this church, which church did you attended as a member?

I was a member of the Baptist Church.

Your Church engages in humanitarian services, did you run it as a foundation?

The church’s involvement in humanitarian services as nonprofit organization like every church is expected to do.

There was a recent allegation against your church that you are opposed to western education, is this true?

Our church support western education fully and one of our objectives in that members must at least have first degree and reach a peak, the highest, PHD through western education.

So how did the issue of asking members to burn certificates arise?

I on’t know where that allegation came from. Allegations was made against us and a security organization did not conduct thorough investigation but started harassing our members on those thrump up charges. I can’t understand where they are coming from or their mission for attacking our church. Our messages for the past over 30 years have never mention burning of certificates and which this lie was fabricated and for what reason is beyond me

You don’t seem to have a physical building  called ‘Church’ so how do you claim you are a church?

There is no place in the constitution of CAC that you must have a building called Church but a place of gathering  that can be of any building and of any shape.

Your annual programme comes up every 25th December,  Is this to disallow members from celebrating Christmas?

We do not have dates for our annual programmes but we do things all as led by the Holy Spirit, for example the 2020 retreat came up on 29, 30 and 31 of December.

Some of your Church members claim that one man, former husband to one Sister Dorcas is suspected to be behind the spate of attacks on your fellowship, what is your relationship with the man?

I have no relationship with him but from what I understand from both his wife and children was that he expected that they will come back to beg him after they were all driven away from his house. He was surprised how things become better for the wife and children. He became more devastated that one of her daughters even graduated and finish her NYSC whereas; perhaps he expected the contrary happening to his wife and children. I believe this prompted his bitterness and attack on our Church. I have never met the man and neither do I know him from anywhere.

Is there any message that you have for Nigerians about your Evangelical issues and your church?

Nigerians need the very messages of Jesus Christ that He gave to the world. That message gives everlasting joy everlasting peace everlasting happiness and everlasting blessing. That is the same message that Evidence of Christ maintain till date.

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