After School, What Next?

Yusuf Zakariyah Bakare



A visit to the campuses on a particular sign out the day, one would realize the joy and enthusiasm expressed by students that they are passing out of school. It is usually a free day, students are allowed to put on what they like, dress how they wish and mix freely with each other. Sellers of stationery items, Textiles and Jean trouser make brisk business, selling their wares such as indelible Markers, Tempo in different colours, White T-Shirts and others. It is usually like a day, jailbreak. Almost all students engage in signing their signatures on each other’s clots, usually a white T-Shirt with the Markers or Tempo in different colours. They joyfully go about asking friends and well-wishers to please sign on their cloth. The joy of this day is that even sworn enemies end their feud that day, allowing for signing on their T-Shirts. This sign out day does not know maturity, religion or professional fields of study, every student feels the joy of passing out. Almost all the outgoing students spoken with expressed freedom at last, from the hustle and bustle, sleepless nights and day of being hungry without hope of what to eat or what to put on aside examination fevers, harassment by their lecturers and in some cases, presence of security operatives that are on campus to curtail the activities of cult groups. Oluseyi Dasilva was at Kwara State Polytechnic and the Kwara State University to capture the mood of the students and also feel their pulse on their expectation on life after school. Here is a sample of their thoughts:


Yetunde Omoola an outgoing student from the department of Business Administration, Kwara State Polytechnic described the day as a happy day that she had been looking up to. She had a great expectation in what the future holds for her. She said that though she would love to practice what she had gone to learn in school, she would also wish to be a self-employed, selling Textile materials. She said that she is learning the art of being a little more strict because as a jovial person, most at times people take her for granted, a trait that she knew is not good for business. She said that she would not mind learning other new trades that can be of help in her future plans. The only constraints she expressed is that of capital to start off and well.


Omolabake Alagbega would not want to be under anyone for too long; she had learnt to be a Makeup Artist and also wants to add some skill in marketing so that she can market her products on face book and other social media platform as expected. She said that her mother had assisted her with a little capital and that right from school she had been rendering services to her school mates as a Makeup Artiste and making some incomes from the endeavour.  She would also add cloth making skill as essential for ladies out there.


Abdulmajeed Muhamad Bolaji an accounting graduate said that he planned to work in any bank that would employ him or at worst any organization where he can be well paid but else, he would opt for a filling station as accountant or manager. He added that if all hopes are lost, he already had skill in computer graphics and design. He said he would not mind to start off as a painter and graphic artist rendering services for the people. He doesn’t see capital as a possible challenge as he expressed that man must struggle to make ends meet, not relying on anyone or any source other than hard work.


Taofeek Ibrahim said that he would love to be self-employed but does not as of the tie of the interview have any speial skill with which he can be gainfully employed to make ends meet.


Adeola Adebayo said that leaving the school she hopes to get a job that will pay a minimum of N25000 per month and that anything less than that, she would rather join her mu in her business and start off her own gradually. She expects to proceed with her education for a while but the ultimate is business as a self-employed.


Omowunmi Rukayat Yusuf read business management. She said that right from time, she doesn’t wish to work under anybody and luckily since her mother is a trader, she had learnt to join her in her business. She said when her mother realized that she had been able to fix prices of commodities, she started quitting for her take over as the last born of the family. Incidentally, her mother died not too long after and she is now fully in charge. Age, not withstanding, except missing her mum, there are not too many challenges that she cannot cope with doing business. Omowunmi does not rule out possibility f furthering her studies but asked what essence will it serve since all she aspired for is to earn a good income and live a good life which her business is already fetching her.


Opeyemi Ojuolape said that while leaving school, she had great hopes for a brighter future but unfortunately life presented a different picture from what she planned. “I dated a guy shortly after my youth service, who impregnated me and never accepted the bay. To worsen the situation, my parents never stood in for me, so my educational plans were halted, On our signing out day, I felt enthusiastic and had great plans. I loved the hospitality business and wanted to set up a small venture so that I can have the opportunity to teach the upcoming ones how to bake, cook and do many things. I love helping people. I even had plans to travel out for my Master’s degree but having a came in as a setback, I see it an unfortunate stage in life because it was rough initially. I had to serve as a house help with a family before I got job as a marketer in some places and till now, I am yet to find my level. Being a single mother without help from parents is not anything admirable. I am not finding it easy but still believes that the future will be better.


Examining most of the response above, one will realize that after school there is much to know and to learn and this is where the society should come in to stand in for these future leaders to be able to stand on the feet and fit in as leaders of tomorrow. Capital is a notable challenge of most entrepreneurs, good enough the federal government is bridging the gap on these but there is a big room for improvement. Aside from the issue of capital, levying responsible taxes will also be of tremendous assistance to young people whose aspiration is to be employers of labour by being self-employed. Only a few with should parental background can weather the storm of early business challenges without appropriate mentoring and monitoring.

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