Africans were the original pioneers in science and technology

By Maxwell Makama


The works of many African scientists are unknown to many as a number of them have been claimed/stolen by Europeans and even white Americans.
This, and lack of knowledge about our history have made us to believe we’re inferior when it comes to technology–which forces us to accept that white people have ownership when it comes to technological skills.
Furthermore, you will hear claims from white people in the lines of “Africans didn’t contribute anything to the world’s civilization” or “Africans have no significant history to point to pride” or The Big Lie, “Europe brought Africa out of stone age.” All OF THESE ARE NOT TRUE!!
For times immemorial, we have forgotten that science & technology is a gift from ancient Africans to the modern world. Black Africans created some of the most spectacular man-made monuments far back as 3000 BCE. For one, the Pyramids of Giza as a work of architecture shows various mathematical concepts in its geometrical proportion and measurements.
We can easily assert; one requires knowledge in mathematics to build an architectural structure like that.
Well, we know many concepts of mathematics trace their origins back to Africans, such as geometry, trigonometry, calculus and even algebraic equations have their roots to ancient Africans… These were later adopted by the Greeks when they visited Kemet.
We were the original pioneers in a spectrum of different fields; writing, medicine, architecture, astronomy, paper and printing, metallurgy, glass making, chemistry, and many more. “Chemistry or ‘chemetic science’ was derived from the word ‘chemet‘ which is the ancient name for Africa or ‘land of the blacks.’ In other words, ‘chemistry’ literally means ‘the black man’s science.’”
The world’s oldest evidence of advanced mathematics was a baboon fibula that was discovered in present-day Republic of Congo, and dates back as long as 20,000 BCE.
Ancient Kemet introduced the earliest systems of mathematics dating back as long as 4000 BCE; “The Rhind Mathematical Papyrus 1650 BCE, is a kind of instruction manual in arithmetic and geometry, and it gives us explicit demonstrations of how multiplication and division was carried out that time. It also contains evidence of other mathematical knowledge.”
Africans developed the world’s oldest systems of writing.
Nsibidi 5000 BC, one of the oldest forms of writing, is a system of writing using symbolized pictographs used for communication by Uguakima, Igbo, Effik, Ibibio and Uyanga people of Nigeria and West Africa.
“Medu Neter 4000BC, is a system of writing developed in Kemet in which symbols represent either words (concepts) and consonant phonetic sounds or both, depending on the context.”
They were other writing systems across Africa and they all share several similarities with each other and some exact characters with Kemetic Medu Neter.
(“The Roman language and script came from Greek written language which came from ancient African Phoenician script and of course the African Phoenician script came from the Nile Valley, sharing similarities with other Phoenician scripts all across Africa. The Romans never invented any scripts!”)
The Dogon people of Mali in West Africa made advanced astronomical discoveries as early as 5000 BCE. The ones which Western scholars credit to so-called ‘space aliens’ because they could not understand the techniques in which they were discovered. The Dogon people long had astronomical believes that planets in our solar system orbit a sun, the spiral shape of our Milky Way galaxy, Jupiter’s moons, Saturn’s rings and several others… Europeans discovered these to be real facts only after the invention of Galileo’s telescope.
Kemet created a calendar comprising of 365½ days, separated the days into a 12 month year system, and invented the clock. White people scandalously claim the calendar originated in Greece. Not true.
We all know they were advancements in the art of metal making(metallurgy) all across ancient Africa. Africans made sophisticated weaponry and artworks[steal, copper, bronze]. Even steam engines were made. “Metal works in Tanzania and Uganda 2,000 years ago surpassed those of Europeans and were astonishing to Europeans when they learned of them. Ancient Tanzanian furnaces could reach 1,800°C — 200 to 400°C warmer than those of the Romans.”
Europe was in the dark ages because there was no intellectual stimulation until the Moor Africans arrived in 8th century CE.
“The European ‘Renaissance’ was only possible through these African Cultural domination for over 700 years in which highly advanced and civilized cultures (based largely on the recollection of advance knowledge from all around Africa ancient).”
The Moor Africans brought to Europe Medicine, Hospitals, Mathematics, Philosophy, Fashion and Hygiene, Cuisine, Public Baths, universal education, Advance Agriculture Techniques, Metallurgy, Paper Making, Astronomy, astronomical instruments, weaving techniques….and more.
In short, European civilization was a product of African migrants.
Many Westerners will say the origin of Chess is uncertain. But historically, it is highly likely that ‘Chess has its origins in ancient Africa’ brought to Europe by the Moor Africans.
When Africans built civilizations far back as 20,000 BCE, Europe hasn’t reached the brink of civilization. Even down to 3,000 BCE, the earliest European scholars were not yet born. Homer, Socrates, Pericles, Alexander the great where not yet even conceived in the “mind of the creator.”
“The Moors and other Africans had the power at one time to do all those horrible things(colonial brutality) to the people they civilized. No, they chose to use higher morality rather than wallow in lower barbaric behaviours.”
[(We all know the Europeans have an history of stealing and destroying texts/evidence in Kemet and other parts of Africa. They couldn’t bring it up to themselves to objectively write down the truth. Europeans deny all these because they refuse to admit/accept that their civilization is but a derivation from Africans and they not only “stole knowledge from Africa and tried to make it seem like they are the originators but they also tried to erase our face from history and add their own.” One example is Kemet(ancient Egyptians), even with all the explicit and overwhelming evidence that proved this people were black Africans, white people still had to lie in their history books and they are doing it till this day. Why?
The way I see it, the truth will shatter their ‘white superiority myth’ -which is racist.)]
**All these are open to research!**
Philip Emeagwali, an African inventor of the world’s first super computer with (3.1 billion calculations per second) was asked in an interview; “How do we make Africans feel more optimistic about the future of the continent and how do we emphasize on the special role of African pride?”
He replied, “We have to teach our children the true history of Africa and the contributions of their ancestors to humanity. Africa is not just the birth place of humanity and the cradle of civilization. The first recorded scientists were Africans. Therefore, science is a gift of ancient Africans to our modern world and technology is the corner stone of contemporary society and the engine that drives the global economy. By teaching our children about the contributions of their ancestors to technology, that will inspire them to make greater contributions.”


Culled from Peoples Daily Newspapers

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