Abuja residents thrilled at S.T.A.G.E music concert

Funmi Lawrence


Abuja residents were treated to all genres of music and inspirational performance at a concert tagged S.T.A.G.E 2019. The event which held at the old Parade ground Area 10, Abuja attracted thousands of residents from within the city centre and the satellite towns of Abuja.


Dr Andy Osakwe, convener of the concert said the essence of the programme was to unmask the creativity in young people and help them harness their talents



Osakwe said that the show was a deliberate attempt to reduce vices in the Nigerians society.


He said the programme was not just a show but a ministry that was aimed at engaging the minds and activeness of the Nigerian youths.


He added that so many vices ranging from human trafficking,  drug abuse, robbery among others had plagued the society and  STAGE attempts to reduce these vices.


“So many vices ranging from youth restiveness, human trafficking, drug abuse, cultism, robbery, violence, inordinate ambitions, the list is endless.

“Stage is a deliberate and active engagement on the minds and energies of the youth population to transform their consciousness, thoughts, beliefs, consciousness and activeness by resulting in an improved quality of life personally and a better society generally.

“This engagement is achieved by granting them access to specialised on platforms that will encourage the various expressions of their inherent creative giftings and abilities.

“Harnessing these gifts through the vehicle of inspirational and family-oriented platforms is the essence of stage.

“The vision was birth in 2003 out of the need to discover new expressions and talents within the arts and entertainment to provide a platform to showcase their talents and help them grow and achieve good success.”

Osakwe, however, noted that STAGE was not just a musical concert but a ministry targeted at engaging youth activeness and curbing youth restiveness.

Mr Bashorun Aderoju, Team Leader of the organising committee noted that STAGE was a conscious effort by the Visioneer, Mr Andy Osakwe to showcase unknown talents.

He said that the African tradition was usually based around entertainment stressing that it was the way out of the prevelent youthful restiveness

“With the prevelant negative emotions around, with the prevalent vices, the prevalent youthful restiveness, kidnapping, yahoo yahoo, yahoo plus, we have come to realise that Africans, our traditions and culture is usually based around entertainment.

“And if you don’t have a positive apporach to entertainment, you will never affect culture

” So stage is a deliberate attempt at changing culture. There is a lot of negative in our media, so stage is a deliberate effort in taking over that space.


Language Mox Player Nathan Thomas, Joseph Iditere and Worship Yakubu emerged the finalists of the S.T.A.G.E 2019 talent hunt.


A-list Christian artistes such as Tim Geoffrey and The Xtreme Crew, Ada Ehi, Dunsin Oyekan and Sarah thrilled Abuja residents with their music.


One of the residents, Mercy Jacob, said the event was awesome. “It is a programme that I feel every person can be inspired by. This is my first time of attending the programme, but I have been inspired by the different artistes, through music, choreography, jokes and the creativity displayed here,” she said.

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