2109: Buhari Does Not Deserve Second Term

Sulaiman Olanrewaju Abubakar, former minister of National Planning and professor of Political Science and International Relations (at which University and country?) has warned that if Nigerians fail to vote out the incumbent president in 2019, he will destroy the country.

Abubakar, who spoke with BD Sunday in Ilorin the Kwara State capital, described Buhari as “an epitome of the unjust” saying, he does not deserve second term as he failed Nigerians in all ramifications.

According to him, the country is more polarized than it used to be, “Buhari doesn’t deserve second term because he has not really fulfilled his promises. He has not done well because he lacks the capacity, he has failed because he is not sincere about it and he doesn’t know what he want to achieve. So, it is only the ignorant or novice that will still believe in Mohammadu Buhari as a man of integrity.

“Constitutionally, he has the liberty to run but the questions we should ask ourselves are; has he lived up to the expectations of Nigerians?, what rationale is behind his second term?, has he been able to tackle the problems of insecurity, corruption and others.

“Talk of Boko Haram as a major security challenge in this country but today we talk of so many problems like kidnapping and incessant killings that has become part of our lives.

“It is obvious that this country is not better off economically, security wise, even the fight against corruption. So, if we fail to stop Buhari in 2019, the man Buhari will destroy this country.

“As a matter of fact, APC is a conglomerate of bad fellows, the satanic elements of  PDP, joined with satanic elements in ACN and deceptive characters in CPC to form APC, it will  not work and they will not last.

He therefore enjoined Nigerians regardless of religion or ethnicity to do justice to the country by electing leaders that are just and have interest of this country at heart to further develop the country socially and economically.

Sulaiman said that it is pertinent for every Nigerian to vote right in the forthcoming general election so as to attain required growth in States and the country at large. Saying, if right people are put in place to pilot the affairs of people definitely, things will be well with both government and the governed.

“I urge Nigerians regardless of religion or background to do justice to the country by electing a leader that is just who has the interest of this country at heart for the development of our country” he said

Abubakar, who is a gubernatorial aspirant on the platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in Kwara State declared that, “it is not business as usual again in Kwara State. Kwarans are tired of the system, the government and ruling party in the state and they are set for serious business.”

The ex-minister who expressed dismay over the current situation in which the state found itself, promised that he will “rekindle the hope of a common man in Kwara State” if he gain power come 2019.

“We are under a dynasty and the most pathetic of it all has being the way dictator is handling the state as his property.

“We are not treated well in terms of infrastructure for the people, our resources is not at the mercy of Kwarans,  the rate of joblessness in the state is so alarming and if nothing is done about these, I am afraid that our younger ones may turn to miscreants or becoming treat to the society, ” he explained

He lamented that, it is unfortunate for the state to be lagging behind in terms of economic and social development, just as he expressed hope for kwara to witness positive change in 2019.

“We have allocation from the federation account; we have IGR generated from within but nothing to show for these resources.

“For every one billion naira that comes in to this state, almost 900 and something million goes out from the state, so there is no improvement and that’s why you see poverty everywhere.

“We, coming on board have vision and mission to develop the people and the state.  So, I see 2019 election in kwara as one election that will change the future of the state, one election that is going to be a phenomenon in history of Kwara State, it is going to be one election that will not just change the face of the governing class but also change the face of the ruling class.”

He added that, “I want to assure you that 2019 will not be like 2015, Kwarans are ready to vote for people on basis of performance, vote on the perception of the personality they want to vote for.

“I see hope and believe that by 2019 we are going to see different. By God’s grace by 2019,  We, in PDP are ready to vote out APC to put an end to these interlopers that has being hitting in to our resources.”

According to Abubakar, people that have the vision and mission to govern the state for the benefit of Kwarans should be voted for.

He therefore stated that the onus lies with Kwarans to put in everything they have, resource wise, capacity wise to vote out APC in 2019 election.




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