100 Women, Girls Converge On Abuja Demanding Right To Decent Work

By Funmi Lawrence


No fewer than 100 women and girls have converged on Abuja on Wednesday demanding decent work for women and rights to education of the girl child, among others things.

Action Aid Nigeria (AAN), a Non-governmental Organization in partnership with a youth movement, Activista Nigeria, that organised the ‘Street March’ said there was need to secure a violence-free workplace for women.

The march tagged “Fair’s fair” aims to promote campaign for women; improve women’s occupational health safety and deepen awareness on effective and accountable public services to address the Care Work Burden of women labour.

Mrs Ene Obi, Country Director of AAN said it was important for Federal and State governments to ensure that women workers in public, private and informal sector have the protections guaranteed in the extant labour laws.

Obi, who was represented by Mrs Tasalar Chibok, Director of Programme AAN  said the organisation was supporting the women to demand for equal pay for the same labour delivered by both men and women.

” Action Aid believes that the duo must regulate, enforce and punish all employers who violate labour laws and women’s rights.

” There are so many reported cases of workers being denied minimum wage secure employment, maternity or sick pay, injury insurance and compensation, being prevented from forming unions and collective bargaining.

” They also have no effective mechanisms to report violence, harassment or abuse, without risking and losing their jobs. These are violations of workers’ rights and must stop.”

Obi added that the inability of women and girls to access safe public services was a violation to their rights to education, health mobility and employment.

She, therefore, demanded for equity in payment of salary while also curbing sexual harassment in work places.

The placards displayed by some of the protesters bear inscriptions such as “Stop gender discrimination”, Nigeria’s informal work sector is unregulated and it is negatively affecting women the most” were among words written on the  placards during the walk.

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